Dear Bee, hang on to that ra-ra skirt.

You know the one I mean: the yellow one Mum brings home from the jumble sale and you are overjoyed because everyone has a ra-ra skirt and you are desperate for one. 

So you wear it proudly to your next social occasion, only to find that everyone else has moved on and you’re not part of the fashion gang as you’d hoped. Instead you feel a bit silly and self-concious and the skirt goes to the back of the wardrobe when you get home, eventually finding its way to another jumble sale…

One day, Bee, you will find your own style, and you’ll love it. And you won’t just feel ‘accepted’ when you look like everyone else around you, because one day you’ll discover you are unconditionally and eternally loved and accepted, as you are.

So, Bee, hang on to the ra-ra skirt. Eventually you’ll be able to wear it with vest tops and Dr Martens (discovered those yet?) and you’ll be considered hipster and edgy…yes, more labels, sorry…

Be the individual you long to be and were created to be. There is only one you that has ever been made (ever!), so be the best version of you there is. Different is good! Rejoice in that!


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