Dear Bee, a guitar covers a multitude of sins.

Have you started to learn how to play guitar yet, Bee? Are you getting the cracked fingertips? Or discovering muscles in your hands you never knew you had? Keep going – it will be a skill that will bring you purpose and creativity as you get older. And you will come to realise that a guitar covers up everything you don’t like about yourself.

I know you check yourself out in the mirror. Legs – OK (a bit hairy but we can deal with that.) Face – acceptable. Arms – nicely defined, no bingo wings (yet, anyway.) Tummy – hmm, what to wear to hide that bit?

I don’t know why you have an issue with your tummy area, Bee. So it’s not perfectly pancake flat? It’s absolutely fine.

But I know in your head it’s a problem. So, a guitar is perfect! It sits in front of you, legitimately there in its own right, being the safe focus of attention.

But what about those times when you’re not playing guitar? You can’t walk around the streets with it hanging off your shoulder. There are times when you have to come out from behind it and stop hiding. And – I have to say it, Bee – there will come a time when you will put your guitar down for good. What then?

The thing is, the sooner you start being happy with yourself, the better. Here’s a revolutionary thought: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST AS YOU ARE!

Wow, I know.

It takes some getting your head round, I understand that. But it’s true.

It’s true.

It’s true.

So step out from behind that guitar and give yourself some love. And take that baggy cover-it-all-up jumper off too. The lumps and bumps don’t matter. Why? Because the person you are on the inside is much more interesting. Don’t hide her away. The world needs to know her.


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