Dear Bee, hairy legs are never in.

I know, I know. You’re looking down and wondering where the forest came from. You’re looking at other girls and wondering why their legs are not gorilla-like, like yours. You’re wondering if you can get away with leaving them like that.

You can’t.

I’m sorry to say that hairy legs are never in, and they will be the bane of your life.

Each season of the year brings its own challenges. Spring and autumn are the worst. You’ll get up, look at the weather outside purely to assess ‘to shave or not to shave’. You’ll put on a pair of summer trousers that skim the ankle and realise too late that they don’t quite cover the unshaved hairline and you’ll spend the rest of the day attempting to hide your feet under tables.

Summer and winter are better. Keeping the legs smooth is a requirement during summer, so it becomes an automatic part of the shower routine. Sunshine on skin is its own reward.

Winter is the best time of year! Thick tights, leggings, jeans – all mean no shaving required! The hair is hidden.

Ignore those people (especially boys) who go on about how leg hair is so unacceptable and so unattractive and even the concept of it makes them shiver. They’re lucky that you deem to conform at all to social norms and keep the legs smooth in summer. I know that if we could do away with the need to shave even then, we would. Maybe that’s why we like Germany so much.

But Bee, you’re right to inwardly rail against this need to conform every time you pick up a razor. Why should our attractiveness be determined by a social code? Who decides that hairy legs are unacceptable?

It may be your legs today, Bee, but tomorrow it’ll be your face, your eyebrows, your body, your cheekbones. (Contouring. Don’t get me started.) There’s not one aspect of the female body that is protected from someone, somewhere, passing judgement.

Bee, you can either listen to them, or ignore. Because it doesn’t matter if you don’t conform to what someone else says is beautiful. What matters is that you say you are. Love your straight hair that refuses to hold a curl. Love your elephant-worthy eyelashes. Love your hairy legs.

This is how God made you. And you are wonderfully made. If the creator of the universe says you are amazing, who is anyone else to say otherwise?


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