Dear Bee, what if?

What if, when you look in the mirror, you focus on the bits of you that you like, instead of the bits you don’t?

What if, instead of assessing your looks through the eyes of a potential admirer and finding lack, you appreciate your eyes, your lips, your face for what they are, and find beauty?

What if, instead of comparing yourself to popular girls and feeling small and unworthy, you feel comfortable in your own skin and walk tall?

What if, instead of mourning that your hair never holds a curl and is stubbornly straight as a die, you love that your hair falls into place with barely a brush needed?

What if, instead of feeling guilty every time you eat a chocolate biscuit, you relish the taste and sensation of every mouthful?

What if you do exercise because you love the feeling of pushing and stretching your body to its limits, rather than because you want to get thin?

What if, instead of only feeling acceptable when someone else is loving you, be they the right or wrong person, you accept yourself and love yourself first?

Every girl does it, Bee. We all struggle to love ourselves and find it easy to hate ourselves. But what if we didn’t?

Because we are all unique, interesting, amazing and worthy. We have all been created for purpose. We are all people of character and compassion. We are all beautiful. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made.

Believe it, Bee.


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