Dear Bee, do you still believe you are a princess?

I have come across a lovely book called Can A Princess Be A Firefighter? and the author says she wrote it because she was motivated by her granddaughters’ fascination with all things princessey. The book is a poem about dreaming and aspiring to be anything; the girls in the book may not know what the future holds, but they know they are princesses.

(The author is very kindly giving away three signed copies of this book – read on to find out how to enter).

Do you see yourself as a princess, Bee? Someone who knows she is royal born, who has privilege at her fingertips; someone who has a position in the world, whose opinion counts and who can make a difference?

Or do you see a princess as being someone who is beautiful and captivating; who holds herself high because she knows she is loved; someone who is secure in her confidence and abilities?

Whichever way you see it, Bee, I know you struggle with this idea of being a princess.Why is this? As a little girl, you loved dressing up in Nana’s pretty dress fabrics, draping yourself with shiny satin and opulent velvet, pretending you were Cinderella going to the ball. The idea of being a princess sat very naturally with your childhood self.

Why do we stop believing it, Bee? Growing up is fun, but it’s also a bit sad. We lose our childish innocence, and replace it with an awkward self-awareness. I guess this has to happen, but in the process we also stop believing in the magic of who we are.

Because the truth is, Bee, you do have position and beauty, you are captivating, you have a voice which is worthy to be listened to and acknowledged and which can make a difference in the world. You have all the qualities of a princess, and more.

So, yes, a princess can be a firefighter. But also, a firefighter can be a princess, as can a cook, a pilot, a mother, a shop assistant, a barista, a judge, and everything and anything you may already be. Your tiara may now be invisible, and your fairy wings may have been replaced with a rucksack, but you can still walk tall because you are still unique and beautiful. Nothing disqualifies you from being a princess.

Have a read of this lovely book, to remind yourself of what it was like to believe in your princess-ness. Or you could pass the book on to someone who still loves to wear tiaras and fairy wings. You can get it here, or enter the giveaway (but only if you live in the US) – also see the button at the bottom of the page.


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