Dear Bee, it’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming!

Some days just suck, right? Whether it’s because you’re tired from a late night ‘finishing homework’, or because the pressure level suddenly gets cranked up, or you’re falling out with friends, missing friends or just darn lonely and have no friends, sometimes life feels hard work.

Its at times like these that I wish I could run away back  to when life was simpler and all I had to do to feel better was cuddle a cat.

But I have found, Bee, that the key to dealing with days like these is not to regress, but progress. The thing is, you can’t  go back to the ‘good old days’. What’s done is done, they’ve been and gone. Sorry.

However the future is yet to be lived and you have a measure of influence over what happens there.

On rubbish days the temptation is to throw caution to the wind and live like there’s no tomorrow, because who cares, right? We deserve a good night after a rubbish day so let’s live for the now and squeeze as much out of life as possible, drinking until we pass out and stop caring. Hmm…

Problem is, you will wake up at some point and remember, and just like that you’ve created a past that is easy to regret, making the present just as sucky.

Instead, as a wise preacher once said, it’s Friday but Sunday’s coming!*

Friday: the end of a long week, the tired day, when the woes of the world feel the heaviest. Sunday: the day when everything gets recalibrated and refocused. Why?

Because Sunday is Church day, the place where I’m surrounded by loving friends and wise words; where I find help and hope. It’s the day where I can realign again to what God says about me – it’s always good – and I am recharged. Friday might be the day of disappointment, but Sunday is the day of visions, dreams and hope being resurrected.

So, Bee, I encourage you to progress to what is ahead. Don’t focus on the problems of right now, have hope for what is to come. Whatever the day of the week, seek out those places and people that re-energise you, give you perspective, and help you remember that there will always be a better day than today.

*The awesome Tony Campolo. He even has a book called It’s Friday But Sunday’s Comin!


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