Dear Bee, this is what happens when you go shopping hungry…

The is the situation:

You’re starving. Not literally, but your stomach never felt so empty.

It’s affecting everything, especially what’s going on in your head. All you can think about is food. What you could eat. What is available to eat. When you can eat. Continue reading


Dear Bee, be brave little piglet.

D’you remember reading the Winnie-the-Pooh stories? I re-read them recently and laughed my socks off! I love Piglet the most. He is so small, and shy, and yet he longs to be brave and have big adventures.

And when he is with his best friend Winnie-the-Pooh, he is brave, albeit in a squeaky, nervous kind of way. Continue reading

Dear Bee, who is your running buddy?

I’ll be honest Bee, I don’t like running; I find it painful, tedious and exhausting. But I still try and get out at least twice a week. Why? Well, cake is a big motivation…but even the thought of the chocolatiest, fudgiest slice isn’t enough to make me pick up my pace and push myself to go further and faster.

I need something else for that. Continue reading

Dear Bee, some days are just gloomy.

You wake up, it’s dark outside, you stumble to the bathroom and get blinded when you switch on the light. Which then has to stay on for the entire day.

Even when the sky is as light as it’s going to get, it’s still overcast, cloudy and wet. It’s one of those days where you have to give yourself a pep talk just to get off the sofa.

I know it’s not our most favourite type of day. But I went running yesterday and saw something amazing. Continue reading

Dear Bee, create a culture of cake!

Cake is the best, isn’t it? (After icecream of course.)

I’m not talking about the little confections you’re used to, the most exotic of which was the butterfly cake. I know you are consistently disappointed with the ratio of promise to cake (too much promise, too little cake.)

Thankfully, the world has been revolutionised by the concept of the cupcake. Continue reading

Dear Bee, a guitar covers a multitude of sins.

Have you started to learn how to play guitar yet, Bee? Are you getting the cracked fingertips? Or discovering muscles in your hands you never knew you had? Keep going – it will be a skill that will bring you purpose and creativity as you get older. And you will come to realise that a guitar covers up everything you don’t like about yourself. Continue reading