Dear Bee, fashion is a fickle beast.

You look at your face in the mirror and see all the things the magazines tell you not to have. Spots, blemishes, lines, scars…

…and eyebrows. Continue reading “Dear Bee, fashion is a fickle beast.”


Dear Bee, did you know, you’re fun-sized?

It struck me as I was shopping the other day. I saw ‘fun-sized’ chocolate bars. Then ‘fun-sized’ bananas and apples. For the first time, as I was putting a package of this ‘fun-sized’ fruitĀ in my trolley, I realised that it was just another word for ‘small’. Continue reading “Dear Bee, did you know, you’re fun-sized?”

Dear Bee, who is your running buddy?

I’ll be honest Bee, I don’t like running; I find it painful, tedious and exhausting. But I still try and get out at least twice a week. Why? Well, cake is a big motivation…but even the thought of the chocolatiest, fudgiest slice isn’t enough to make me pick up my pace and push myself to go further and faster.

I need something else for that. Continue reading “Dear Bee, who is your running buddy?”

Dear Bee, I’m sorry for my last post. Here are five things I love about Christmas…

1. Fairy lights make me happy. They bring their twinkly cheeriness to the darkest of places. And they’re not even the tangled mess of wire and mysterious broken bulbs any more, thanks to the magic of LEDs! I love how light always overcomes darkness. Continue reading “Dear Bee, I’m sorry for my last post. Here are five things I love about Christmas…”

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