Dear Bee, get some colour in your life!

I once heard the ultimate put-down. It was from a young person, about an older lady (in her 50s), saying that her favourite colour must be beige. Why? Because that was the colour she wore all the time.

Now I am the wrong side of 25, I can understand why beige was her favourite colour – it’s a very forgiving shade, especially for the older person. It’s also very practical – gravy stains are not obvious on a sweater the colour of gravy!

However, it’s also a very boring colour. It’s not quite brown or cream. It’s a lukewarm colour. It’s the colour of constant compromise.

I also think that actually it is many people’s favourite colour – not because they like to wear it, but because they like to eat it. Bread, pasta, cereals, meat, pastry, biscuits, cake – they are all various shades of beige.

None of these things are wrong to eat – some of them are essential. But a totally beige diet, like a beige wardrobe, is uninspiring and unhealthy. ‘Same old, same old,’ your digestive system is telling you, as you gobble down another rich tea biscuit or chicken sandwich, which is why it protests by not working properly, making you feel heavy, lethargic and bored – it’s trying to communicate something to you!

I have it on good authority Bee, that just like the clothes you wear, the food you eat needs an injection of colour! I’m not an expert, but people who write books like The Clever Guts Diet are, and this is what they are saying. Colour is good – and it’s all around us! Red tomatoes, yellow sweetcorn, green spinach, purple aubergine, orange carrots, peach peaches, pink raspberries…the list goes on and so does the choice.

Don’t just take their word for it, Bee. If you want the ultimate authority, get it from the mouth of the one who made it all in the first place. At the beginning of time, so the book of Genesis in the bible says, God gave every tree to humans for food (except one – but that’s a whole other story) and He made many different trees and plants – He’s a creative guy – so that’s a lot of different colours to eat, and a lot of different tastes to taste. The good news is, there is so much more out there than beige!

Also, Bee, I don’t know if you are aware of this, but the food you eat affects your mood. This is what the scientists are telling us, and I for one can testify to it, sister! Less brain fog and more energy as a result of more colour in my life – that’s got to be good.

So, Bee, next time you’re hesitating between the KitKat or the shiny red apple, go for the apple. Your body will thank you for it. So will your mind. And the next time you pick up a beige top in a shop, remind yourself you’re not fifty yet, and go look for the purple ones.



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