Dear Bee, the chocolate was my biggest disappointment.

You and I, we’re food grazers. We like small-and-often, rather than huge-and-infrequent. The problem for you Bee, and was for me: life at home is strictly three meals a day. No snacks, no treats.

So (look away now, Bee, if you don’t want to be shamed), snaffling food when no-one was looking became a guilty pleasure. Continue reading “Dear Bee, the chocolate was my biggest disappointment.”


Dear Bee, this is what happens when you go shopping hungry…

The is the situation:

You’re starving. Not literally, but your stomach never felt so empty.

It’s affecting everything, especially what’s going on in your head. All you can think about is food. What you could eat. What is available to eat. When you can eat. Continue reading “Dear Bee, this is what happens when you go shopping hungry…”

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