Dear Bee, the chocolate was my biggest disappointment.

You and I, we’re food grazers. We like small-and-often, rather than huge-and-infrequent. The problem for you Bee, and was for me: life at home is strictly three meals a day. No snacks, no treats.

So (look away now, Bee, if you don’t want to be shamed), snaffling food when no-one was looking became a guilty pleasure. Continue reading


Dear Bee, did you know, you’re fun-sized?

It struck me as I was shopping the other day. I saw ‘fun-sized’ chocolate bars. Then ‘fun-sized’ bananas and apples. For the first time, as I was putting a package of this ‘fun-sized’ fruitĀ in my trolley, I realised that it was just another word for ‘small’. Continue reading

Dear Bee, be brave little piglet.

D’you remember reading the Winnie-the-Pooh stories? I re-read them recently and laughed my socks off! I love Piglet the most. He is so small, and shy, and yet he longs to be brave and have big adventures.

And when he is with his best friend Winnie-the-Pooh, he is brave, albeit in a squeaky, nervous kind of way. Continue reading