Dear Bee, the chocolate was my biggest disappointment.

You and I, we’re food grazers. We like small-and-often, rather than huge-and-infrequent. The problem for you Bee, and was for me: life at home is strictly three meals a day. No snacks, no treats.

So (look away now, Bee, if you don’t want to be shamed), snaffling food when no-one was looking became a guilty pleasure. Continue reading


Dear Bee, fashion is a fickle beast.

You look at your face in the mirror and see all the things the magazines tell you not to have. Spots, blemishes, lines, scars…

…and eyebrows. Continue reading

Dear Bee, did you know, you’re fun-sized?

It struck me as I was shopping the other day. I saw ‘fun-sized’ chocolate bars. Then ‘fun-sized’ bananas and apples. For the first time, as I was putting a package of this ‘fun-sized’ fruitĀ in my trolley, I realised that it was just another word for ‘small’. Continue reading

Dear Bee, be brave little piglet.

D’you remember reading the Winnie-the-Pooh stories? I re-read them recently and laughed my socks off! I love Piglet the most. He is so small, and shy, and yet he longs to be brave and have big adventures.

And when he is with his best friend Winnie-the-Pooh, he is brave, albeit in a squeaky, nervous kind of way. Continue reading